Me and the best inflatable mattress

Last week i ordered something and I finally have it. I was searching for the best inflatable mattress on the market, and after i decided on getting a backseat version rather than a traditional one. I own a newer Honda accord and It fits perfectly! I can use it for picnics or to take a nap when ever i feel like.   I found this particular backseat mattress on Kuaks. They really do have the greatest list of items that can be found on aliexpress, Honestly this Backseat Mattress  from kuaks was a great deal, I like the quality and the ability to use the cigarette lighter to quickly inflate the mattress on demand! If you're a fan of taking naps, then this is perfect for you!


My New Running Partners!

Aside from all the travels I've been partaking in, I have been on the hunt for a new set of running shoes. Something i could wear at night and stick out like a sore thumb...

and So I found these 

These are real shoes. I know they look like something you would find in a strip joint, but believe me these are real. They are called Light up sneakers, as you can tell from the picture they are sneakers with led lights in them. I found my pair here http://www.kuaks.com/listing-108-light-up-sneakers.html and i can say I'm quite happy with my purchase. These look like something a stripper might wear while performing a show, but they perform perfectly fine when i go out on my nightly runs! They are pretty damn bright so anyone in a car can see you from like 500 feet away, So i can happily say that i like the fact that it actually keeps me safe!

But they look hillarious, But life should be fun so let the hilarity ensue!


Conference Objectives

This conference aims at bringing together researchers from academia and industry to report and review the latest progresses in the cutting-edge research with Swarm, Evolutionary, Memetic Computing, Neural and Fuzzy computing to explore new application areas, to design new intelligent bio-inspired algorithms for solving specific hard optimization problems, and finally to create awareness on these domains to a wider audience of practitioners. Therefore, researchers are encouraged to submit their contributions in both theoretical and practical aspects of the topics given here