My New Running Partners!

Aside from all the travels I've been partaking in, I have been on the hunt for a new set of running shoes. Something i could wear at night and stick out like a sore thumb...

and So I found these 

These are real shoes. I know they look like something you would find in a strip joint, but believe me these are real. They are called Light up sneakers, as you can tell from the picture they are sneakers with led lights in them. I found my pair here http://www.kuaks.com/listing-108-light-up-sneakers.html and i can say I'm quite happy with my purchase. These look like something a stripper might wear while performing a show, but they perform perfectly fine when i go out on my nightly runs! They are pretty damn bright so anyone in a car can see you from like 500 feet away, So i can happily say that i like the fact that it actually keeps me safe!

But they look hillarious, But life should be fun so let the hilarity ensue!